2019 Jassarte Tuscany Rosso IGT, wooden box


Jassarte: A journey into the diversity and history of wine

  • Jassarte is a hand-picked wine.
  • Prime location in the best neighborhood to world-famous Bolgheri superstars such as Sassicaia and Ornellaia.
  • Jassarte is a wine from the old pre-phylloxera tradition from a mixed batch.
  • The wine matured for 24 months in used wooden barrels and a further 12 months in the bottle.
  • A rich red wine that develops its full potential when stored correctly.

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Guado al Melo

Growing area

Bolgheri, Tuscany.



grape variety

A wine from the old pre-phylloxera tradition: Jassarte. Made from a mixed set of 30 different grape varieties.


This wine is made from a blended set of 30 different grape varieties. The vineyard is carefully harvested in several rounds, with each batch being selected according to its ripening time. The grapes are processed by hand to express the particular characteristics of each variety and the territory. The wine is then aged in non-new wood for approximately 24 months and is stirred weekly to ensure even development. Before bottling, the wine is lightly clarified but not filtered. The different batches are then blended to reflect the unique character of the vineyard. The wine is then stored in stainless steel tanks for a further 3-4 months before aging in the bottle for at least 12 months under optimal conditions.




In a gracefully fragrant nose, this wine develops a complex spectrum of aromas reminiscent of tempting red fruits. The essence of juicy black cherries, delicate red berries and sweet plums is interwoven with subtle notes of incense, fine spices and a hint of white pepper. .Refreshing nuances of mint and a delicate appeal of tobacco complete the olfactory experience of this wine

The taste

Dry. On the palate, this wine unfolds with an exceptional freshness, accompanied by fully ripe fruit aromas. The balanced texture and the present tannin structure interweave in harmonious elegance and density. As the wine slowly unfolds in a silky manner on the palate, the finish takes on a long-lasting, promising character that seduces the senses and announces first-class quality.

Serving suggestion

This noble wine harmonizes perfectly with exquisite dishes, whose taste explosions perfectly balance with its own fully ripe fruit notes. But even when enjoyed unaccompanied, the wine offers a refreshing and at the same time expressive experience.

Serving temperature





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A bottle of wine Jassarte Tuscany Rosso IGT, wooden box
2019 Jassarte Tuscany Rosso IGT, wooden box