The renowned Tenuta Argentiera is located in the southern part of the Bolgheri DOC area, on the hills of Donoratico, very close to the Tuscan coast. It embodies the modern interpretation of the oenological vision of one of Europe's most respected wine-growing regions. The 80 hectares of vineyards extend exclusively in the Bolgheri DOC area, which is also the only Tuscan area limited to a single municipality, Castagneto Carducci. This place exudes the genuine charm of Italy and literally floats between heaven and earth. The vines catch the light of the sea and benefit from the gentle breezes that blow here.


Guado al Melo is a family business run by Annalisa and Michele Scienza with the aim of sustainably producing important and regional wines . The vineyards are located on the first slopes of the Bolgheri hills, in a small valley crossed by the Fossa di Bolgheri stream, running in an east-west direction. Another part of the vineyards is located a little further west along the stream. In total, the vineyard area covers around 20 hectares. The area is characterized by a line of hills along the coast and is located in the Alta Maremma Toscana


Jasci & Marchesani family has been a pioneer in organic farming since 1978 and has organic certification. Their history and their wine are closely linked to their love of the land. In the fourth generation, Nicola Jasci now runs the winery, which owns a total of 33 hectares of land and works internationally at the highest level. This winery proves that top wines can be produced in Abruzzo. guide Luca Maroni for their top wine Montepulciano d'Abruzzo 'Janù' - the absolute best red wine in Italy - with 99 out of 100 points


Tenuta Caccia al Piano is located in the magical Bolgheri region. Here you will find perfect conditions for first-class wines, thanks to the ideal combination of Mediterranean microclimate and clay soils with limestone. In the middle of the impressive Via Bolgherese, surrounded by vineyards and olive trees, oenologist Franco Ziliani launched a new adventure focused on wines that leave an impression. The history of Caccia Al Piano is linked to that of the Bolgheri area, known for outstanding quality since the 1970s, thanks to the work of talented producers from Italy and around the world.


Guido Berlucchi is a renowned winery in Franciacorta that was awarded “Winery of the Year 2022” by Gambero Rosso. It played an important role in establishing the classic Italian method. Back in 1961, Franco Ziliani and Guido Berlucchi created the first Franciacorta sparkling wine in the region. The company is best known for its iconic Franciacorta wines , including the Riserva Palazzo Lana, which is aged in bottle for a minimum of 120 months and has received critical acclaim in Italy and internationally. The '61 Nature line includes refined wines without dosage that are aged for at least 60 months. The Franciacorta '61 series is characterized by its freshness and versatility and is aged for at least 24 months.


At the end of the 19th century, the Nuti family acquired the “ La Regola ” property in Riparbella to grow wine and olives. The basement of the house was converted into the first wine cellar called “La Regola” and produced up to 30 baskets of wine. In 1990, Luca Nuti, the eldest son, decided to start a winery to further expand the cultivation and market the bottles. He attaches great importance to natural and high-quality wines. Flavio Nuti, who has an MBA in business administration and expertise in the wine sector, has been working with his brother Luca in the administration, marketing and commercial relations of the winery since 2000. He has converted the new basement into a space for art and culture and is collaborating with the artist Stefano Tonelli in the project “A REGOLA D'ARTE”. Since 2018, Valentino has also been part of the fifth generation and works as a winemaker in the company.


IL Molino di Grace winery was founded in 1998 by Frank Grace and is named after a historic windmill. It covers about 60 hectares of land, of which 20 hectares are used as vineyards. The main goal of the winery is elegant wines that reflect the terroir. Particular attention is paid to the characteristic features of the Chianti Classico and the Sangiovese grapes, with wooden barrels being specifically used during maturation. The winery has been managed according to organic principles since 2014.


The company has been owned by the Ferruzzi family . However, the family roots go back a long way. Giovanni Ferruzzi, the grandfather of the current owner Barbara Ferruzzi, managed the land as early as the 1960s. At that time the farmhouse belonged to the Castle of Uzzano, for which Giovanni Ferruzzi worked as a tenant. In 1989, Gino Ferruzzi, the son of Giovanni Ferruzzi and previously a leather craftsman in Greve in Chianti , took over his father's farm. This enabled his father to continue working in viticulture. Barbara, the family's granddaughter, has developed a great passion for wine. In 2011 she finally took over the management and worked closely with the oenologist Barbara Tamburini. Together they give the Ferruzzi family product range a modern yet classic approach.


The Sorbaiano farm is located just 1 km from Montecatini Val di Cecina and offers an idyllic location overlooking the Val di Cecina. The ancient Roman property was acquired by the current owners at the end of the 1950s. The farm extends over fields, vineyards, cereal crops, forest, an olive grove and specialized vineyards between the sea and Volterra. The wines of the Sorbaiano farm, both the white and red varieties of the Montescudaio DOC , are characterized by their perfect structure, their gentle texture and their intense aroma. They are carefully processed and benefit from the latest technology. In addition, the Montescudaio DOC Vinsanto is a special highlight. This wine is made from selected grapes, including cola and dried grapes, and is aged in barriques for 5 years. The farm’s extra virgin olive oil also plays an important role


“I Lecci winery is a passionate family organization that pursues a strong connection with nature and a global vision. For three generations, the winery has combined innovation and tradition to create a unique combination. Ado Milaneschi laid the foundation for the company in the 1970s by creating a new agricultural and viticultural facility. After his father died in the 1980s, Alessandro took over the business and expanded it by purchasing additional vineyard land. This is how the farm “I Lecci” came into being. Alessandro runs the business together with his wife Barbara and his three children Simone, Giulia and Irene. Through a perfect balance between nature, traditional methods and continuous innovation , the company has grown steadily and received continuous investment. The solid foundation of family values ​​drives the company on its path to constant growth.